A white Biodegradable Token Urn with a raised floral design in the center, isolated on a white background.

We wanted to briefly share a note that we got the other day, which reminded us just how much we love what we do, and how important it is to us.

Though for many years our business has been focused around weddings and wedding products, that isn’t all we do here. Some time ago, we realized that our handmade products, floral themes, and biodegradable materials were also valuable for use in memorials, wakes and funerals. Flowers and paper celebrate life and love, but they also commemorate those people who gave us life and love who are now gone.

A customer recently ordered several of our small biodegradable token urns, and wonderfully, they took the time to send us a note:

Wish to thank you for the lovely crosses. They were sooo perfect. We went to sea last weekend off Southern California. All 25 of us had a white cross to write a special farewell note and float upon the blue water, even the youngest, age 7, wrote a note with pictures to Grampa.  Very touching day for all of us.   I sent your website to a few local mortuaries because our experience was unforgettable.

It’s always good to hear when our products have helped make a day special, but it’s even more touching when we feel like we’ve helped someone through a difficult time.

Cast Paper Art is a family company – Steve Deines turned his mother’s hobby into a thriving business many years ago – but it’s never stopped being a labor of love. It’s a monument to the time our family got to spend together, and that’s what our products are all about. Whether our plantable seed papers are being used to join two people together in marriage, or say goodbye to someone we will miss dearly, these items aren’t simply products to us.


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