Floral Expressions Stationery


Notecards handcrafted from your wedding flowers make beautiful thank you notes for your guests! Simply send your flowers, and they will be combined with 100% cotton fibers and cast by hand into eco-friendly notes personalized with your names.

Personalized Return Address

Names for Personalized Writing Insert

Notecards Handcrafted from your Wedding Flowers make beautiful Thank You Notes for your guests. Learn more about Floral Expressions here.

Each Note Includes:

  • a handcrafted notecard from your flowers.
  • a writing insert personalized with your name.
  • an envelope printed with return address.
  • your choice of fonts.
Approx 5.25″ x 4″ folded

A New Way to Toss the Bouquet

You’ve celebrated your wedding day with all the perfect, memorable touches that you personally chose. What better way to thank your guests than with a physical keepsake from that day? 

Our Floral Expressions Stationery takes your wedding flowers and repurposes them into unique stationery, ideal for those wedding/gift “thank you” notes, or even for personal use like memos, friendly letters, and more! 

Floral Expressions Stationery are crafted with care by our paper artists, ensuring your hand-picked wedding bouquet and arrangements are beautifully displayed within the paper fibers of these hand-crafted note cards. 

Beauty in the Details

Our paper artists can create approximately 150 note cards for every 1.5 pounds of flowers provided. Flowers vary in weight, so be mindful of size and volume in addition to weight of the flowers used for the stationery. 

All orders of Floral Expressions Stationery also come with envelopes, printed with a return address, and personalized writing inserts. You can customize your floral stationery with a choice of pre-approved fonts.

Memories Preserved and Shared

The excitement and overwhelming emotions of your wedding day are something we all want to cherish and hold on to for a lifetime. The day comes and goes within the blink of an eye. Keepsakes and mementos like the photographs, video, and guest gifts will always be able to hold a special place in our hearts. 

Cast Paper Art takes this one step further, taking your wedding flowers, so highly regarded, yet so easily disposed of the day after, and creates a new piece of art and keepsake with Floral Expressions Stationery. You can now give a little piece of your special day right back to your guests, friends, and family.  

Font Choice*

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