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Memorable and Plantable Seed Paper and Stationery

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

A handwritten, stationery note is more than a typical thank-you or just-checking-in message—it reflects a level of kindness and thoughtfulness that a phone call or text can’t quite capture. We communicate with friends, family and coworkers often—some, even daily!—but a handwritten, paper note offers a heartfelt touch that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Cast Paper Art offers handmade floral stationery and paper products for everything from a special event to thank-you notes to just-because cards. Our skilled team makes each card, piece of paper and envelope by hand, in turn creating a truly unique, one-of-a-kind product just for you and your event.

Floral stationery and paper are not only unique and memorable but also show your level of care for the environment: each sheet of our floral stationery and paper is created with recycled and other sustainable materials. This means your words are sent on some of the finest paper made with no negative impact on the environment.

Expressions That Flourish

Cast Paper Art offers two types of stationery and paper. The first is our Floral Expressions Stationery. When you send Cast Paper Art your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, or centerpieces from your wedding, our team turns it into a beautiful set of stationery that you can hold onto past your big day. 

Your wedding day goes by in a snap, and having your Floral Expressions Stationery helps carry your memories into your day-to-day life. Sending out thank-you notes made from your bouquet is a unique, heartfelt touch your guests will appreciate and remember for a long time. Our Floral Expressions Stationery is also good for the environment, as it is made from 100% sustainable materials.

The second type of paper product is our Plantable Seed Paper. Why send someone a bouquet of flowers when you could send them a bouquet they can grow themselves? Our Plantable Seed Paper is truly unique and sure to wow your event guests, or your friend you send a “thinking of you” card. 

Each piece of our floral stationery and paper is created by hand, giving each piece in your set a different look than the last. Everyone who receives one of your Plantable Seed Paper cards will be able to plant their seed-embedded card and grow a beautiful bunch of wildflowers! How special that each of your friends and family you send a card to can enjoy a piece of your day for months to come!

More Than Paper, Cast Creates Living Paper Art

Plantable seed paper and floral stationery have become popular alternatives to the big name wedding invite printers. Your wedding day is special, and you want to make yours memorable down to every last detail. As memorable as it is, it’s also a fleeting moment and rush of emotions. You can keep that memory alive with Floral Expressions Stationery. 

In your day to day communications with friends, family, clients, and prospects, you can make a lasting impact with a traditional, paper memo or thank you note. But why not go above and beyond and truly make your mark with Plantable Seed Paper notes? Your friends will love the personal touch, and your clients will appreciate and always remember that thank you or follow up card, that’s not only an impression maker, but a difference maker for the planet. 

At Cast Paper art, we create living pieces of stationery paper, thank you notes, invitations, and memorial products, that make a lasting impression.