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Our furry, feathered, or scaled friends offer comfort and companionship in almost every house in America. This is why losing a beloved pet is a difficult thing to go through, as they are seen as family members.

Cast Paper Arts’ pet sympathy cards, specifically, are a popular item to give to those that have recently suffered the loss of a pet. They can be used to write sincere messages to the bereaved family, delivering the sender’s thoughts and prayers to them during their difficult time. Each card is handmade, with flower seeds embedded into the paper’s surface.

Offering heartfelt condolences when someone has lost a pet can come in many different ways. At Cast Paper Art, we strive to provide something that will give pet owners lasting comfort. All of our paper products are biodegradable and filled with wildflower seeds. So that when the family is ready, they can bury the card, ornament, or urn in a garden or pot, creating a lasting, living memorial to their pet. It is a beautiful way to have a pet’s memory live on after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.