A sympathy card with the words "with deepest sympathy" on the front, made of seed paper, accompanied by another card and a heart-shaped object, all placed on a plain background.

Expressing Condolences: The Art of Sympathy Cards

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of life’s most challenging experiences. In these moments of grief, finding the right words to express sympathy can feel like an impossible task.
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An outdoor wedding setup with a large floral arch of white and green flowers, surrounded by wooden logs, white chairs, and scattered petals, set against a lush green backdrop.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Trends: How to Plan a Green Celebration

From the proposal to the grand exit, you can plan your wedding around sustainable, green practices that give back to the environment a little more. If you want to throw
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Handmade wedding invitations and envelopes with natural flower petal inclusions, displayed with fresh flowers on a dark surface. a placard provides details about the craftsmanship and origin.

DIY Paper Projects: 10 Cool Things to Create with Handmade Paper

Are you a crafting enthusiast or a DIY-er? Elevate your crafts and other projects with handmade paper to add a touch of uniqueness and eco-friendliness to your creations. Today, we’re
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When Should You Use Plantable Cards?

Plantable cards provide a delightful and sustainable way to communicate, celebrate, and create lasting memories. They can be used for various occasions, adding a unique and eco-friendly touch to your
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2022 written in golden numbers on snow, flanked by two pink roses and a peony with a pair of wedding rings resting on the snow near the flowers.

​​Wedding Trend Predictions for 2022

Wedding trends come and go, and here are some of our predictions for 2022! Due to COVID concerns, we think some things from 2021 will stay, but we also think
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Two stacks of handmade paper with pressed floral designs tied with natural twine against a plain beige background.

How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

You’re almost done with your wedding invitations. You finally nailed down the wording. You’ve chosen your stationery. You and your fiancé have been badgering family and friends for their mailing
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