Handmade wedding invitations and envelopes with natural flower petal inclusions, displayed with fresh flowers on a dark surface. a placard provides details about the craftsmanship and origin.
Are you a crafting enthusiast or a DIY-er? Elevate your crafts and other projects with handmade paper to add a touch of uniqueness and eco-friendliness to your creations. Today, we’re exploring 10 DIY crafts with paper you can create for yourself and your loved ones.

The Versatility of Handmade Paper

Unlike mass-produced paper options, handmade seed and floral paper offers a unique touch to any project and adds character that elevates even the simplest crafts. Handmade paper is typically made with natural fibers like cotton and decorated with natural items like flower petals, giving each piece its own look while aligning with sustainable practices.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Everyone loves receiving cards from their friends and family—why not make your own with plantable seed paper? A greeting card made with handmade paper radiates warmth and thoughtfulness for a birthday, holiday or any special occasion.

Decorative Wall Art

Add an organic touch to your home decor with wall art made from handmade paper. Elevate your handmade paper’s already unique texture with marbling, stamping and embossing techniques; painting on handmade paper creates interesting effects you can’t create when painting on canvas.

Gift Tags

Your gifts will stand out when you give them with a gift tag made from handmade paper. Cut out intricate shapes, punch holes, and add ribbons to create fun tags that make your presents even more special.

Handmade Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun way to celebrate and a thoughtful way to memorialize those we love. Using handmade paper to create your paper lanterns adds a warm, personal touch to both the lanterns and your celebration. This unique touch will make your celebration extra special for you and your loved ones.

Paper Flowers

Create blooms that never wilt by making your own flowers from handmade paper. The unique textures and colors of handmade paper add a unique flair to your space. Paper flowers can be used as decoration around your home, bouquets and even wearable accessories.

Origami Creations

Challenge your origami skills by using handmade paper—handmade paper adds dimension to your creations, from paper cranes to intricate modular designs.


A scrapbook is already a special memento that you and your family will hold onto for generations to come; making your scrapbook with handmade paper adds both warmth and nostalgia, creating something even more personal to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Personalized Stationery Sets

If you like to send cards and letters to your loved ones, why not make things a little more unique and special by creating a personalized stationery set from handmade paper? Create a personalized stationery set from handmade paper to give letters, thank you notes and any other cards an extra bit of thoughtfulness.

Festive Garlands

Garland is an easy way to step up your holiday decorations or to add fun flavor to your living room walls, or even your back patio! Using natural, handmade paper made without harsh dyes means that whatever you make can be used year-round, not just seasonally.

Kids’ Room Decorations

Young kids’ interests can change pretty quickly, and creating decor for their rooms, rather than buying it, is an eco-conscious (and less expensive) way to reflect these interests. This is also a fun way to get your kids involved in a hobby! If they love butterflies this month, help them create butterflies from handmade paper to hang on their walls; next month, if they’re really excited about farm animals, help them make and learn about their favorite animals.

Elevate Your Crafts with Handmade Paper

In the craft and DIY world, handmade paper is a great medium that bridges the gap between creativity and sustainability. Making crafts with handmade paper adds a unique touch to any space, as well as makes every craft you make and every card you send feel more thoughtful and intentional. Learn more about our handmade Floral Expressions paper, Plantable Seed Paper and other sustainable options from Cast Paper.

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