A bride in a lace dress and a groom in a tweed suit hold a bouquet of autumn leaves and pampas grass, focusing on their midsections with a green grassy background.

Your mom wants an elegant, classic church wedding. Your sister wants something modern and clean. Your soon-to-be mother-in-law? She wants a barn wedding. And you’ve never even set foot in a barn before! You and your partner want your wedding day to be, obviously, beautiful and inviting for all of your guests. You want it to be outdoors. To feel welcome, more laid-back and have plenty of flowers and greenery, with lots of earthy, natural details. If this sounds like you and your partner, tell everyone you are opting for a boho-inspired wedding!

For the more laid-back couple, a boho wedding is perfect: dreamy, romantic and more low-maintenance than ice sculptures and a dress with a hoop skirt. If you are a boho bride-to-be, continue reading for the top details you should include on your wedding day!

Non-Traditional Wedding Party Attire

Boho weddings offer more freedom than traditional weddings, meaning brides typically wear flowy, lace wedding gowns with flower crowns or other fun headpieces, and grooms might wear a casual suit, or khakis and a dress shirt. The bridal party will follow suit and be more casual than is traditional, with women wearing more casual bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen wearing dress shirts rather than tuxes. 

The Perfect Location

This is a great time to get creative with your wedding venue! A national park, the beach, a ranch or farm, gazebo, orchard—the list goes on! Natural settings are perfect for a boho wedding and require minimal—if any—decoration. Being outside in the middle of your beautiful venue will create the perfect light, airy atmosphere you are looking for.

Unique Florals and Greenery

Boho weddings often boast neutral tones like beige, dusty rose and sage and like to throw in pops of bold colors like rust, browns and deep emerald green. Your bouquets and centerpieces can be more organic and less structured—think only greenery with a mix of sage, ferns, natural grasses, or even opting for dried flowers and grasses for something extra special and different! 

A Funky Alter

Where you and your partner say your vows should be a reflection of the two of you! Go for something geometric like a drape or flower-decorated teepee to stand under, or decorate a chuppah in your wedding flowers, drapery, or something that will complement your surroundings.

Mismatched Decor

Let your tablescape be as fun and whimsical as the rest of your day. Mismatching certain pieces of your table is a fun way to give your table some dimension. The key, however, is don’t go overboard! Rather than mismatching your chairs, glasses, plates and flatware, opt to mismatch only your chairs or only your drinking glasses. If you mismatch your glass colors, try to keep the shapes the same, and vice versa, to keep a cohesive look. Obviously, if you have an eye for design (or a great wedding planner), go as far as you want! But for the not-so-crafty DIY bride, keeping it to one or two elements is safest. 


Start your ceremony or reception off on the right note by greeting your guests with incense sticks! Burning incense releases negative energy from your space, purifies the air around you and cleanses your space to create a positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

At the end of the day, your wedding is just that: your wedding. Keep the things you want, and leave the rest—make sure all of the details you include in your special day are important to you and your partner and don’t worry about what everyone else wants! To all of our boho brides: happy planning!

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