Heart Token Urn


This keepsake urn is handcrafted from 100% recycled cotton, fresh flowers, and 12 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds.
It is hand-cast in an antique mold and holds a small portion of the cremains. When planted fragrant flowers will bloom year after year ~ a lasting tribute to a beloved pet.

Each Biodegradable Heart Token Urn includes a water soluble bag for containment of the cremains and sealing glue to attach backing .

6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″

Our Bio Heart Token Urn is designed to hold a small amount of cremains and used to facilitate scattering in multiple locations or allow several individuals to participate in the scattering ceremony. Handcrafted from 100% recycled cotton using Old World paper making techniques, the urns can be used for eco-friendly ground burials or water ceremonies and will completely biodegrade over time, returning the remains to the earth.

Each of our beautiful memorial products uniquely captures the essence of a memory. Paper that not only makes a loving statement, it creates a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.

Each item is created using recycled fibers, natural inclusions, and 100% post consumer waste components, so they are not only beautiful and innovative but also eco-conscious. Our artisans craft everything in our Old World style paper mill, producing paper that exemplifies the elegance and quality of your most precious memories.