Handmade Plantable Seed Paper



Our richly-textured handmade plantable seed paper will bloom and blossom into beautiful wildflowers when planted. All papers are crafted from 100% recycled cotton, abaca (banana) fibers and twelve varieties of perennial wildflower seeds, and each sheet has a full deckle (feathered) edge. Planting is easy: place in 1/4″ to 1/2″ soil, keep moist and watch it grow!

Instructions: When printing on our Plantable Seed Paper, we have found the most success with using an inkjet printer that is rear loading and utilizes single pass printing. Any printer that pulls paper from an internal tray will more than likely cause damage to both the printer and the seed paper, as there is a great amount of texture caused by the hand casting process as well as the seeds that are embedded. Also please note that most third-party printing companies will not print on specialty paper.

Our White and Natural paper styles allow for direct printing. The other varieties are most suitable for decorative purposes.

Choose from six paper choices- White, White Floral, White Fern, Natural, Natural Floral or Natural Fern- and two sizes – 5″ x 7″ or 8.5″ x 11″.

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Sow The Seeds of Gratitude

Sending letters and hand-written notes may seem less popular these days than ever before, but the fact of the matter is, people still have an excited reaction from receiving physical letters, especially when it’s not a bill in the mail. 

Choosing the right stationery can often be the most important part of the process, do you choose a heavy cardstock, ruled lines, recycled materials? It can be more of a headache than you might initially consider. 

For those who are really looking to make a lasting impression in more ways than one, Handmade Plantable Seed Paper is beautifully crafted by our paper artists. Made with recycled cotton and abaca fibers, each sheet is embedded with 12 varieties of perennial wildflowers, which can be planted in soil, watered, and then bloom into a beautiful display.   

Thinking of Your Clients, the Earth 

Handmade plantable seed paper can be used for a wide variety of applications, and is well suited for businesses looking to leave a memorable impression on their clients and prospects. 

Seed paper can be used for “thank you’s” and follow ups. It shows the client you care about every little detail to get the job done right for them. It also shows care for more sustainable practices than traditional business cards, which often end up in the bottom of a desk or in the trash. 

This handmade paper not only has a unique aesthetic and texture, but it also re-purposes itself as a nutrient for the flowers embedded inside. You’re certain to leave your clients with a lasting impression. 

For Hobbyists, Jewelers, and More

Handmade plantable seed paper is great for all sorts of hobbies, including calligraphy and other dextrous art styles. 

In the world of fashion, many small business owners, and boho-inspired Etsy artists use Cast Paper Art hand crafted seed paper for items such as earring display cards, garment tags, and perfume test strips. 

Handmade plantable seed paper is a great way to make a lasting, memorable impression no matter how you use it. 

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