Biodegradable Token Urns



Our Bio Token Urn is designed to hold a small amount of cremains and used to facilitate scattering in multiple locations or allow several individuals to participate in the scattering ceremony. Handcrafted from 100% recycled cotton using Old World paper making techniques, the urns can be used for eco-friendly ground burials or water ceremonies and will completely biodegrade over time, returning the remains to the earth. Each of our beautiful memorial products makes a loving statement and a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Each item is created using recycled fibers, natural inclusions, and 100% post consumer waste components, so they are not only beautiful and innovative, but also eco-conscious. Our artisans craft everything in our Old World style paper mill, producing paper that exemplifies the unique quality of your most precious memories.


Each Biodegradable Token Urn includes a water soluble bag for containment of the cremains.

Choose from 3 token shapes: Angel, Dove or Cross.

Angel: 6.5″ x 3″

Dove: 5″ x 4″

Cross: 6.5″ x 5″

Biodegradable Scattering Urns Are Natural, Eco-Friendly

With rising costs of traditional casket burials and the surprising, and dangerous environmental  impacts associated with them, many people are turning to alternatives for their passing. Many are preferring donating, or even cremation. 

Within loved one’s wills, they may even request a scattering of their ashes at sea. The scattering of ashes is a tradition that traces back all the way to the ancient civilizations of Greece and even Egypt, and many people still practice this memorial veneration to this day.

Cast Paper Art’s Biodegradable Token Urns allows for partial ash to be housed within for scattering. The urn itself is made from biodegradable, non-toxic materials that will completely dissolve in the water within 24 hours or less. 

Token Urns for Casting, Floating, Trenching

There are many ways to scatter ashes. In the past the ashes, partial or all of them, needed to be housed in costly urns purchased directly from the funeral home or crematorium, to be transported to the scattering site. With biodegradable token urns, no extra materials are needed, and everything will be properly decomposed with time.

Casting ashes is the method of scattering the ash into the air with the intention of traveling only a few feet away from the casting individual. Be sure to check wind conditions and scatter downwind. 

Floating ashes is another way to say burial at sea or water burial. Our biodegradable token urns will completely dissolve in the water, with no toxic run-off. 

Trenching is when ashes are buried in the ground in some sort of vessel or directly into the dirt. Using a Cast Paper biodegradable token urn keeps the ashe in one place and will completely decompose with time. 

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