Plantable Memorial Bookmarks



Our Memorial Bookmarks come with a detachable seed paper adornment that, when removed & planted, will create a lasting tribute to your loved one. The bookmarks can be personalized with either the deceased’s name & dates of birth/death or the funeral home name.

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Each item is created using recycled fibers, natural inclusions, and 100% post consumer waste components, so they are not only beautiful and innovative, but also eco-conscious. Our artisans craft everything in our Old World style paper mill. Each of our high-quality memorial products uniquely captures the essence of a memory with paper that not only makes a loving statement, but also creates a lasting tribute to your loved one.

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Each Memorial Bookmark includes a detachable seed paper adornment. Choose from 4 adornment shapes (Heart, Butterfly, Dove or Cross), 5 bookmark colors (Sage, Ivory, Natural, Bluestone or White) and 6 verses. See link below for verse options.

Bookmarks may be ordered non-personalized or personalized with the deceased’s name/dates of birth/death or funeral home name. For personalization, enter name and/or dates in the box above.

For custom verse or design, call for quote: 314-968-6896.

2.25″ x 8.5″

Plantable Bookmarks Remember Loved Ones

Plantable memorial bookmarks make perfect favors for funerals, wakes, and celebration of life services. Each bookmark can be personalized and includes a verse among 6 choices. They also come with a detachable seed paper adornment, which flowers when planted and watered, just like any seeds. A wildflower medley will grow in memory of your loved one. 

A Loving, Practical Tribute Favor

Many funeral favors and prayer cards sadly end up in the garbage before too long, and are often made with laminate or gloss cardstock, which is not recyclable or carbon-neutral. Our plantable bookmarks and seed paper ornaments are made with 100% post-consumer waste and compostable plant fibers, making them truly earth friendly. 

The plantable bookmarks are great for keeping your spot in your favorite book, or even for school books. They are a practical tool for reading and journaling; no more dog-earring to keep your spot.

Plantable memorial bookmarks keep your place and also serve as a wonderful reminder of your loved one’s memories. Keep them in your heart forever. 

These plantable bookmarks are a great option for bulk-purchasing for funeral homes and hospice centers. Send your clients off with a small token of gratitude and condolence for their loss. Using eco-friendly plantable bookmarks shows compassion and forward thinking for your clients and the planet.   

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