Plantable Seed Paper Adornments


Minimum Order 50
Choose from 4 adornment shapes: Butterfly, Cross, Dove or Heart.

Approx. 2″ x 2″


Our seed paper adornments can be used for service records, prayer cards, acknowledgments or given out by themselves. Handcrafted from recycled cotton, flower petals and wildflower seeds, planting the adornment is a simple way to create a lovely memorial.

Each of our beautiful memorial products uniquely captures the essence of a memory. Paper that not only makes a loving statement, it creates a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Each item is created using recycled fibers, natural inclusions, and 100% post consumer waste components, so they are not only beautiful and innovative but also eco-conscious. Our artisans craft everything in our Old World style paper mill, producing paper that exemplifies the elegance and quality of your most precious memories.

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