Gardener in blue gloves using a small blue trowel to dig in moist soil, with vibrant yellow boots visible in the background.


While we include planting instructions with most of our wildflower seed-embedded paper products, we know these sometimes get lost or forgotten. Here are some general tips on how to turn those little seeds into beautiful blooms.

1. We recommend planting within the first year of receiving your seed paper product. After two, it might be okay. And after that, well, it’s time to buy some new paper to plant!

2. For optimal results, only plant mid to late spring or early summer (it almost goes without saying that the dead of winter is not the best time for wildflower growth).

3. Remove any tags, ties, etc. You don’t want anything in the way of your young plant’s future growth spurt.

4. In the case of dimensional ornaments or larger sheets of paper, gently break apart or tear into smaller pieces.

5. Choose a sunny outdoor garden/spot or planter/pot.

6. Plant in 1/4″ to 1/2″ loosely packed soil. Give ’em room to grow!

7. Keep very moist, especially until the seeds begin to sprout…

8. Continue to water as needed….

9. Watch them bloom! Then do a little congratulatory dance because you just grew your very own wildflowers!

Please note that different varieties of wildflowers will sprout at different times of the growing season. So, if it’s not growing now, it might grow later!

If you have any further planting questions about our products (or would like to let us know about your growing success-we love to hear that!), please feel free to email us at or call 314-968-6896.

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