A woman with a braided hairstyle and a bohemian lace dress stretches out her arms while standing by a fence, bathed in warm sunset light.

We’re on the cusp of 2021, but boho style isn’t going anywhere. We think it’s because the style is a reflection of the myths and fairy tales many of us loved when we were children. There’s a sense of wonder and ethereal beauty to boho or bohemian style that makes it ideal for a romantic wedding. Plus, boho style has a natural, earthy element that’s attractive to today’s brides. 

If you’re planning a wedding this year and want to add natural or bohemian elements to your ceremony, consider these 5 must-haves for the boho bride. 

(1) A Light, “Flowy” Dress 

The first must-have is, naturally, the dress. A boho dress is light and romantic, with a long, “flowy” skirt and natural or old-fashioned details. It’s the opposite of confining; no stuffy or overly-dramatic fabrics here! Whether you choose a traditional lace bodice or a summery, strappy gown, you should feel like a forest nymph as you glide down the aisle toward your true love. 

(2) Soft Waves and Braids 

There are several ways to do your hair in the boho style, from long hair with soft, beachy waves to complicated braids entwined with greenery. Find the right stylist for your big day, and let your imagination guide you. You can also choose to top off your look with a boho headband, a wildflower crown, or a flowing veil. 

(3) Decor that Incorporates Natural Elements 

The best thing about this style is that it’s inclusive. Want to add a dream catcher to your boho wedding? Sure! Fairy lights and macrame? Why not! When it comes to the decor for your alter or reception tables, you can be as earthy or as whimsical as you like. You’ll definitely want to include flowers or greenery in your decorations, though. They’ll go a long way in creating the ideal boho look you want. 

(4) Wedding Invitations that Fit the Boho Theme 

Don’t forget your wedding invitations! They’re your guests’ first look at your boho theme, so they should be in line with the rest of your decor. Think unique and textured with soft colors and the same natural elements you’re adding to your ceremony. 

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(5) Local Vendors and Green Services

For catering, flowers, music or any other service you require for your big day, be sure to go local. This will not only help support small businesses in your town, it will also limit your carbon footprint

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