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When it comes to romance, some traditions just feel right: a suitor down on one knee, the tossing of the bouquet, the gifts that celebrate year after year of a successful marriage. 

Whether you just got engaged or are celebrating a special anniversary, we can give you gift ideas that are as unique as the two of you. 

Traditional Anniversary Gifts That Have Stood the Test of Time

While you could choose to celebrate your anniversary any number of ways, we think traditional gifts for the first year, the tenth, the twenty-fifth and so on are pretty special. The tradition of wedding anniversary gifts goes back to at least the middle ages, and maybe longer. But it was during the Victorian Era that giving a particular type of gift to married couples really caught on. Love and commitment became paramount ideals, and gift-giving reflected that. And so, silver and golden wedding anniversaries became events to truly celebrate. 

In case you’re not up-to-speed on traditional wedding gifts, here’s a simple guide on the first few years and the bigger milestones: 

  • First Anniversary: Paper A gift of paper symbolizes a “clean sheet” on which to write your love story. It also represents the sometimes fragile nature of a young relationship.
  • Second Anniversary: Cotton A marriage that has lasted into its second year is becoming more and more durable. Cotton represents a stronger bond, in which your lives are becoming intertwined
  • Third Anniversary: Leather At this point in your marriage, you’re relationship is stronger and provides shelter and security. That feeling is symbolized as leather, a sturdy material that will protect you from the elements.
  • Fourth Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers At four years, it’s time to celebrate the way your relationship is blossoming and bearing fruit!
  • Fifth Anniversary: Wood Like an oak tree towering above the forest, your love has grown into a stable, life-giving force. This gift symbolizes the strength, wisdom, and deep roots that come along with time.
  • Tenth Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum If you’ve made it to ten years, you know you have the kind of love that will last through the years. It’s appropriate, then, that this gift should symbolize a malleable metal, like aluminum, or a metal that does not rust, like tin.
  • Twentieth Anniversary: China China is valuable and elegant, but should not be mishandled or taken for granted. It’s a charming representation of your love at two decades.
  • Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: Silver This is a big one. If you’ve reached your 25th anniversary, the value of your marriage is precious, just like silver. After 25, wedding anniversaries are marked by valuable gems: pearls, rubies, and sapphires.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold It goes without saying that gold is the most precious substance, and the perfect gift to commemorate reaching fifty years together. It’s truly the gold standard.

Handcrafted Paper Makes a Special, Eco-Friendly Gift

Eco-friendly or “green” weddings are increasing in popularity, and so are handcrafted paper invitations. But these products aren’t just for weddings! 

If your marriage has reached its pivotal one-year anniversary – or two- or four-year anniversary – consider the way cotton and wildflowers blend together to make paper that is beautifully textured and completely unique. From stationary in your wedding colors to plantable ornaments, we can make a paper gift for you that’s both earth-friendly and thoughtful. 

If you have a special anniversary coming up, or an event that you’d like to make earth-friendly, let our artists know! We’re happy to discuss options with you and create handcrafted paper gifts that are truly special. 

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