Three valentine's day cards with romantic phrases "be my valentine," "love," and "be mine" written in calligraphy, placed on a wooden slatted surface.

Valentine’s Day is coming up again—already. Have you thought about a gift? 

While flowers and chocolates are standard, they aren’t all that thoughtful. Not anymore. And especially not when they can be picked up at a convenience store on your way home! 

You know what the love of your life really wants? Something truly thoughtful. Something that’s simple, but romantic. Something that will remind him or her of the love you share for years to come. 

This Valentine’s Day, consider a gift that doesn’t wilt, isn’t devoured, and won’t get tossed in the garbage after a day or two. Here are our suggestions. 

(1) Stationery that Reminds Your Valentine of the Day You Said “I Do” 

This one’s for the married couple. Think back to your wedding. Can you picture the flowers? Maybe they were red roses, pink peonies, or hydrangeas and lilies in bright colors. 

Now, imagine how charmed your spouse would be if you presented her with handcrafted stationery in those colors, on paper that’s softly textured and unique. 

At Cast Paper, we take bridal boutiques and use them to create our Floral Expressions Stationery. These notecards, handcrafted from your wedding flowers, make beautiful notes that your sweetheart can use

All it takes is a bouquet. Send us your flowers, and they will be combined with 100% cotton fibers and cast by hand into eco-friendly stationery. 

(2) Love Notes for the Dreamy Romantic in Your Life 

It doesn’t matter how old or young a person is; everyone enjoys a handwritten letter. In an age of texts and emails, there’s something about putting pen to paper that feels special. 

This Valentine’s Day, consider putting your love into words—ideally, in nice handwriting—on artisanal paper. Our paper is made from cotton and natural fibers, and each sheet has a full deckle or feathered edge. It’s not just stationery—it’s a keepsake. 

We know how much your words on this one-of-a-kind paper could mean to the person you love. Trust us: she’ll hold on to it forever. 

(3) Plantable Products for the Valentine Who Loves to be Out in the Garden  

Want to know how committed we are to going green? Our products aren’t just made from natural, recycled materials. They’re also plantable. 

Crafted with twelve varieties of perennial wildflowers, our plantable seed paper will bloom when planted in moist soil. So, your Valentine’s Day gift will continue to produce beauty! Your favorite person will be reminded of how sweet your love story is as the flowers return year after year. 

Products by Cast Paper Art Make a Thoughtful and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

At Cast Paper, we make all of our eco-friendly products by hand, using the same technique that has been successful for hundreds of years. Each sheet of our paper is crafted using recycled fibers and other natural inclusions like fresh wildflowers and other plants. Every single piece of paper we produce is different

As you think about ideas for Valentine’s Day, consider giving the person you love a true work of art. Give us a call for more ideas about how we can create a beautiful gift for the love of your life. 

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