handmade paper wedding invitations

5 Reasons Handcrafted Paper is the Best Paper for Your Wedding Invitations

Your invitation is the first look guests have of your wedding colors and theme. It announces to your guests what kind of wedding you’ll have and the type of couple
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eco-friendly bride

10 Green Wedding Ideas for the Eco-Friendly Bride

For brides who love the outdoors – and care about their carbon footprint – eco-friendly weddings are a no-brainer. Luckily, these weddings can be Insta-worthy as well as appropriately granola,
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Creating Specialized Paper

This week we had two special things happen at once – for one thing, we had our first batch of really fantastic weather here in St. Louis; it was around
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You use a butter mold for what?

Here in St. Louis, we have a fantastic hidden gem of a place called the Campbell House Museum. A mansion once belonging to one of the richest fur trappers in
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American Animal Hospital Association Conference

This week (March 12-15) we’re going to be taking a couple of days to head down to the AAHA Conference in Tampa, Florida. Not that one really needs an excuse
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Book Themed Weddings

Despite what people might say in this age of kindles and Twitter, books are not going anywhere anytime soon. And one way you can see this clearly is in the
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