A veterinarian holding a puppy and a kitten, both looking at the camera, with a focus on the comforting and professional demeanor of the vet.

This week we’re taking a couple of days to head down to the AAHA Conference in Tampa, Florida.

Plantable Pet Cards
Plantable Pet Cards

Not that one really needs an excuse to head to Florida, especially when the Midwest is still only just starting to get temperatures in the 50s, but we’ve got a very good reason to head down there this time.

The AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association, and as of late we’ve started to work alongside veterinary professionals to offer a line of pet memorial products.

Cast Paper Art is a family company, after all, and we know just as well as any pet owner that our pets are a part of our family. When you’ve lost a pet, you’ve lost a real piece of your family, and that calls for a real, dignified way to express your sympathy.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of products for pets, just like we would for any other member of the family: pet sympathy cards, eco-friendly pet memorial products, small blooming mementos – these gifts can help pet owners through a difficult time.

For veterinarians, we’re proud to offer these products as a way for them to offer their sympathies to clients. After all, nobody understands the bond between a pet and their owner better than someone who has devoted their whole life to healing animals, and they deserve a way of expressing their sympathies that reflects that.

This weekend, we’re bringing to Tampa samples of our blooming ornaments, plantable products, sympathy cards, and our bookmarks, which come printed with the “Rainbow Bridge” poem that every pet owner knows and loves. It’s our way of saying “hello,” and thanking them for the service they perform.

And don’t worry, folks – while we’re in Tampa, there are still going to be folks around the workshop, so you can still plant your usual orders.

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