A close-up image of a Bio Urn (65 cubic inches), displaying its textured surface with natural white color, streaked with subtle red and black speckles.

What’s a butter mold? Well, for fancy society parties in the mid-1800s, putting out a stick of butter simply wasn’t good enough. Special molds were used to create butter that looked like different items appropriate to the meal: fish-shaped butter for a seafood dinner, corn-shaped butter for a prairie theme, lamb-shaped butter for an Easter feast. They could also use these same molds to create specialty desserts.

You might be wondering why a blog about hand-crafted paper and stationery is talking so much about butter molds. It’s because those precious antique molds needn’t be used only for butter and chocolate! Over our decades of operating with fine handcrafted papers, we’ve collected dozens upon dozens of these molds from antique stores, estate sales, attic rummaging and the like, and amassed a truly impressive collection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind molds.

We’ve given these molds new life for our lines of plantable seed paper ornaments, like the blooming heart ornament and the blooming shell ornament. We have many different types of plantable seed paper ornaments, of course – shamrocks and Christmas trees, shells and easter bunnies, doves and angels… the list goes on and on.

Our Blooming Heart Ornament was a perfect symbol of February- not only Valentine’s Day, but also National Heart Health Month. Whether it’s for a Valentine’s gift, or favors for a heart-healthy charity event, or maybe just a little something to show someone you’re thinking about them, our blooming heart ornament is one of our most popular items year-round.

But with our one-of-a-kind-collection of the sort of molds that simply aren’t made anymore, we have all sorts of shapes to fit whatever occasion or event you might want. Take our blooming shell ornament – not many places have a mold laying around in the shape of a perfect seashell. But for your summer event or beachy-themed wedding, we’ve got that. We pride ourselves on our variety of products,

We’ve been making plantable seed paper ornaments for decades, now. It’s a family business and our lifelong passion. And part of that passion has been going out into the world and gathering the tools of our trade, so that we can boast that we have options that nobody else has – because the only way to get them would be to go back to the 1800s and buy them while they were still being made.

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