A bride and groom smile at each other in a sunlit wildflower field, the bride holding a red flower. both wear wedding attire; the scene radiates warmth and joy.

Your invitation is the first look guests have of your wedding colors and theme. It announces to your guests what kind of wedding you’ll have and the type of couple you and your fiance are. 

Do you love nature and the environment? 

Do you appreciate beautiful, quality materials or admire lovingly-crafted works of art? 

Do you care about being unique and displaying your own sense of style?

If you want your wedding invitations to reflect you, and no one else, handcrafted paper is your best choice. Here’s why. 

(1) Each Invitation is Handcrafted and Unique 

Everyone claims to want a unique wedding invitation, but how many actually achieve it? When you purchase pre-made invitations, you inevitably receive a product that someone else has chosen. Only with handmade paper do you get a truly original product. There are tiny varieties and exquisite details in each and every invitation you send. 

(2) Your Flowers and Colors? They’re in the Invite!

When your guests open these invitations, they’ll know right away what colors you’ve chosen and which flowers will represent you and your love at your upcoming nuptials. At Cast Paper, we use a variety of fresh plants, including ferns and flower petals. Our artists have a wide selection of flowers that they can add to your handmade paper, and we’re happy to work with you to choose the perfect combination of ingredients for you. 

(3) The Quality is in the Paper

There’s nothing like the real thing. Sure, modern invitations might be printed on thick cardstock with glossy lettering, but nothing quite matches the authentic feel of paper made by experienced craftspeople. With rich colors and lush textures, handmade paper has a pure, artistic quality that other invitations just can’t match. 

(4) It’s Eco-Friendly 

This is the reason so many environmentally-conscious brides and grooms choose handmade paper. Whereas mill paper costs the earth hundreds of trees, there’s no tearing down the rainforest when it comes to our paper products. They’re 100% recycled from plant fibers and pulp. Plus, we don’t use chemicals or dyes. Our handmade paper is completely natural. 

(5) Perfectly Imperfect Edges for your Perfectly Imperfect Life

The uneven, lacey edges of handmade paper can seem delicate, but they’re really the mark of quality paper, hand-crafted with patience by artists. We think they’re perfectly imperfect — and that’s a pretty good metaphor for many of our lives. 

Get Started on Wedding Planning with Beautiful Products by Cast Paper Art

At Cast Paper, we make all of our eco-friendly products by hand, using the same technique that has been successful for hundreds of years. Each sheet of our paper is crafted using recycled fibers and other natural inclusions like fresh wildflowers and other plants.

Would you like to start planning with some eco-friendly ideas for invitations and party favors? Let us know! Our artists can help you design a just-right theme that will give you the green wedding you’ve always dreamed of. 


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