For us, being Green isn’t just a trend. It’s our natural way of doing business.

As a family-owned and operated business, we live and breathe our passion of making eco-conscious paper.  We create all of our products in our Old World style paper mill in St. Louis, Missouri. Sourced locally, all of our product components are certified 100% post consumer waste (PCW). Each and every sheet of our seed paper is crafted by hand using recycled fibers and other natural inclusions, like flowers, plants, and 12 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds. Because every sheet of paper is different, you will receive an artisanal product that is uniquely beautiful.                 

There’s nothing like receiving a gift that is hand-crafted with care.

Few eco-conscious options make the one-of-a-kind, memorable statement that the products of Cast Paper Art do. Our customers love the fact that our paper is eco-friendly, but they love our products’ exquisite look and feel even more. Featured on Martha Stewart, we’ve received numerous awards for our craftsmanship.

Our family is proud to uphold a tradition of high standards

It all began when Steve Deines turned his mother’s hobby into a thriving business and a labor of love. We’re not new to going green; our artists have been creating artisanal, handcrafted papers for over 25 years, and we take great pride in fine-tuning products to our high standards. Whether our plantable seed papers are being used to join two people together in marriage, or say goodbye to someone we love, we put our heart and dedication into each one.      

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