Eco-Friendly Guest Books


These guest books are earth-friendly and great for an environmentally conscious couple. The soft, beautifully textured cover is made by hand from recycled cotton fibers and natural inclusions. 


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Choose from six paper styles: White, White Floral, White Fern, Natural, Natural Floral or Natural Fern. Contains 20 alternating lined and blank pages- accommodates 240 guests and allows for sentiments.

10.5″ x 7.5″

Recycled Paper Guest Books

Guest books, also referred to as registers, keep a record of who was in attendance for an event. Cast Paper’s Eco Friendly Guest Books can be used as registers for both weddings and funerals. These books are unique, rustic registers that show a care for craft and the environment. 

There are many choices of wedding and funeral guest books to choose from. For some the book is kept after, while for others, it is maybe glanced upon immediately after the occasion, then tucked away in storage somewhere, only to be stumbled upon much later in life or during a move. 

Cast Paper Art’s Eco Friendly Guest Books are recycled paper guest books, made with our namesake repurposed, post-consumer waste seed paper. These books made great keepsakes, but are also 100% biodegradable, and will bloom into wildflowers when planted in soil. 

Boho Style Wedding Guest Books

For those looking to complete the boho-inspired style for their big day, Cast Paper Art offers beautifully, hand-crafted Recycled Paper Guest Books for their attendees to sign upon entry.

Made with our namesake recycled paper and infused with wildflower seeds, these wedding guest books make for unique keepsakes for after the wedding and reception. The characteristic seed paper offers a subtle, yet one-of-a-kind artistic stamp that’s sure to compliment your decorations and favors. 

Your wedding day is such an important part of your life, and the start of a brand new path with your significant other. While the day is fleeting, these guest books can either be kept for years to come or planted to create a small garden of wildflowers.   

A Rustic Guest Book for Funerals 

Most of the time, the funeral home will provide a funeral guest book for the family of the recently deceased. However, these are typically standard, non-personalized guest register books. 

Many people want to honor their loved ones down to the smallest details of the memorial services, including the guest book. 

Cast Paper Art’s Eco Friendly Guest Books are rustic funeral guest books that offer a unique keepsake for the memory of your loved one’s life. The 100% recycled, and compostable seed paper is made with our Old World style paper mill. 

These funeral guest books are beautiful, hand-crafted memorial keepsakes that can either be cherished forever, or planted in the ground to sprout a small garden of wildflowers.

For the signees, it is a way to recognize that the person touched their lives in some way, big or small. They left their name on the individual, and thus this is a symbolic return of the favor.   

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