Bio Urn



Honor Their Life

Bio Urns are a unique offering for the loss of a loved one. Crafted by our paper artisans using quality, recycled materials, our plantable bio urns will completely break down over time. These plantable urns are designed with the earth in mind, for ground burials or water ceremonies. Your loved ones will be remembered forever, and their remains will fully return to mother nature.

Cast Paper Art creates every plantable bio urn by hand with tact and care. The memory of your loved ones will be honored without any negative impacts to the planet.

Eco-Friendly Urns, A Better Send Off

The rising costs of funeral expenses have created a schism in how people are approaching the passing of loved ones. Ceremonies and celebrations of life are still observed, but traditional casket burial has taken a back seat to cremation. Even in the case of cremation though, traditional urns offered by funeral homes can range from $100-$3,000 plus. 

A rising interest in natural or green burial has sparked a movement for funeral homes and other companies to develop and innovate biodegradable urns. These natural, plantable bio urns allow for much quicker decomposition akin to composting.

Cast Paper Art offers bio urn options that are simplistic, yet still beautifully crafted to honor the memories of the dearly departed. These biodegradable urns are accented even further with one of our popular seed paper decorations, that will bloom when planted, growing into a memorial of wildflowers for your loved ones.

Each Bio Urn includes a detachable seed paper adornment, water soluble bag/tie for containment of cremains and instruction manual.

Choose from 4 adornment shapes: Cross, Star of David, Heart or Shell. See photo gallery for adornment choices.

1 cubic inch equals approximately 1 pound of cremains

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