2022 written in golden numbers on snow, flanked by two pink roses and a peony with a pair of wedding rings resting on the snow near the flowers.

Wedding trends come and go, and here are some of our predictions for 2022! Due to COVID concerns, we think some things from 2021 will stay, but we also think plenty of things will change! Continue reading for our picks, and let us know what you think!

More Outdoor Weddings

There are still plenty of concerns surrounding COVID-19, leading many couples to still opt for outdoor ceremonies. While there are risks with planning an outdoor wedding (the biggest one being weather), outdoor ceremonies and receptions are less restrictive and offer more freedom for both the couple getting married and their guests. Having the option to spread out gives you and your guests the chance to be more comfortable. 

When you have an outdoor wedding, decorating can also be so much easier—depending on where you hold your ceremony, you might not even need to decorate much! Surround yourself with beautiful trees, foliage and flowers, and have a laid-back, fun ceremony with your loved ones!

Dried Flower Bouquets and Decor

This became a very popular trend in 2021, and we expect it to continue! Dried florals offer a unique look and fit with any theme! Dried pampas flowers are perfect for a boho bride, and make beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and other decor. 

You can also create great dimension by mixing your dried flowers with greenery! Dried flowers are also a great option for the budget-conscious bride—they can be a more cost-effective option than fresh bouquets and centerpieces.

Portrait Paintings

Weddings and wedding receptions have become a lot more intimate over the past year or two, with many couples limiting their guest lists to only their closest family and friends. A live portrait is a great way to capture all of the sentiment of your day. A painter captures big moments of your ceremony and reception and something special you can keep forever. 

Leaving Some Traditions Behind

Your and your partner’s wedding day is just that—your day! If there are wedding traditions you’re uncomfortable with, get rid of it! Plenty of couples are opting out of wedding traditions like the garter toss, formal reception introductions and toasts at the beginning of their reception. Think about what you want, and make it happen!

Cast Paper’s Sustainable Wedding Products

Cast Paper’s sustainable wedding invitations, guest books, favors and more are the perfect addition to your wedding day!

These are just a few of our predictions for the upcoming year—let us know what your thoughts are too! 

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