Handcrafted Blooming Seed Paper and Floral Stationery

Plantable and eco-friendly stationery, paper, and paper products that are equally beautiful as they are good for the Earth. 

Creators of Beautiful Handcrafted Paper for Over 25 Years

Cast Paper Art is America’s premier hand paper maker. For over 25 years, we have been creating unique and affordable paper products that are eco-conscious and beautiful. All of our paper and products are made and assembled entirely in the USA. Our Paper is Good to the Earth.

How It Works

The process of making paper by hand hasn’t changed much over the past hundreds of years. Visit our “How It Works” page for more information on our paper making process, the types of products we make, and growing flowers from our plantable products. 

Floral Expressions

Stationery made from your wedding flowers!

Send us your wedding flowers and we will create beautiful and unique stationery for you.  Your flowers are incorporated with our 100% recycled cotton fibers and cast by hand into eco-friendly note cards. We guarantee your stationery will be unique to you and your wedding… no one else will have your stationery design!