Whether you realize it or not, paper plays a very important part in the wedding planning process. From programs and RSVPs to invitations and save the dates, they offer your guests the essential information for your big day. If you are an eco-conscious couple, you understand how using so much paper can harm the environment. Thankfully, there are several eco-friendly alternatives to help make your wedding as green as possible without losing the elegant touch you might be hoping to achieve.


Using Recycled Products

The first and most important decision is to use recycled paper for wedding invitations, programs and RSVP cards. Using recycled paper reduces your carbon footprint and offers a large variety of options.


Finding Products with Multiple Uses

The average wedding guest can receive as many as six different wedding paper products: an invitation card, a main envelope, an RSVP card and envelope, directions to the venue and a reception card. An easier and cheaper option is to opt for a recycled paper product that can be used for multiple items. Our Pocket Fold Seed Paper Invitation is the perfect example of a multi-use invitation and as an added bonus these invitations bloom into perennial wildflowers. The pocket allows you to add the RSVP card, envelope and reception details all within the same main invitation. This can save on cost for mailing and additional envelopes.


Reuse Invites for Fresh Flowers

For a truly unique option, you can go for an invitation that will always remind your guests of your wedding day. Plantable invitations and paper products, like the ones we specialize in, are made of recycled cotton paper that is embedded with perennial wildflower seeds. They can serve as a keepsake on your guests’ mantles or planted in their yards. This not only helps in adding to the plants in the world, it also serves as a (growing) reminder of the day that you tied the knot with your special someone.


No matter your style or season, you can find the perfect way to green your wedding correspondence. Explore our recycled paper products here.

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