Love is in the air – not just this month, with Valentine’s Day and all that comes with that. No, for those of us in the industry, this time of year marks the humble beginnings of wedding season. While the dead of winter has the fewest weddings of any time of year, once the temperature starts to climb and the sun starts setting later, brides start putting together their special day.

Which is great, because our products go hand-in-hand with springtime – whether it’s our seed paper wedding favors, our plantable seed paper cones, or our eco-friendly wedding invitations, our specialty is products that bloom with the seasons.white-floral-overlay-e1360085296788

Cast Paper Art has scores of products, of course, and sometimes we get so excited about all the things we make for you that it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve decided, over the next several weeks, to talk to you about five of our products in particular. Through those, we hope to give you a window into all the ways our products can liven up your special events.

First off, we’ll be talking about our plantable seed paper ornaments, including our blooming heart ornaments (very popular this time of year), and our blooming shell ornament.

Why a heart and a shell? Because many people operate under the mistaken impression that seed paper wedding favors can only go with a certain kind of wedding motif – the sort of rustic, barn-and-Mason-jar wedding you’ve probably seen on Pinterest. Which is beautiful- those types of weddings are absolutely magical, especially if that fits with the bride’s dream for her special day, don’t misunderstand. But thanks to years spent collecting antique molds in a variety of shapes, we can make plantable seed paper ornaments that fit in with any type of wedding.

Whether you’re doing that classic rustic-barn wedding, a beach-themed backyard barbecue, or an Art-Deco red-carpet kind of affair, we’ve got the ability to make the eco-friendly wedding favor that’ll have your guests bringing home something special.

Later on, we’ll be talking about plantable seed paper cones – these can be used as “throw cones” for your exit from the ceremony. Instead of traditional rice, these can be filled with flower petals, birdseed, or even dried herbs for whatever look or feel you’re going for. Or, you can use them at the reception to hold guest favors- like candies or other small goodies.

Next, we’ll be talking about plantable blooming bookmarks – these make a particularly interesting parting gift for guests, as they serve a dual purpose. They can be used as a bookmark for as long as you like, and when they become too well-loved to continue on that way, you can plant them out back for wildflowers. Whether you’re a book-lover or just prefer a practical favor that your guests will get to use twice, these will be a unique and unforgettable option.

We’ll be ending this series talking about our A7-sized overlay seed paper invitation. Using delicate translucent stock, your invitation message takes on an ethereal quality as it hovers over our signature blooming paper, which is flecked with beautiful flower petals and wildflower seeds. A traditional wedding can create a lot of paper waste, and with our eco-friendly wedding invitations, you can start off the whole event caring almost as much about your carbon footprint as you do about one another.

We’ve got a lot more to say on the subject, so keep an eye on this space – we’re going to have several posts elaborating on all of these products, along with helpful tips, tricks, and inspirations for you to build the event of your dreams.

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