In the wedding industry it has been a long time tradition to use a printed, standard card stock for invitations. These cards can have wild designs or show a simpler theme and are accompanied with a standard stock envelope. Using this type of card means an industrial paper making process that includes cutting machines, duplex board machines, hydraulic head boxes and pressurized screens, not to mention a great loss of trees in the forest. Smoke from the factories and exhaust pipes of tractor-trailer delivery trucks bound to all four corners of the lower 48 causes additional harm to the earth that cannot be reversed. All of this energy — the fossil fuels, the man-hours — turns a simple wedding invitation into a giant carbon footprint.

Reducing your carbon footprint is a large topic in today’s society but through the use of recycled products, your effect on the ecosystem becomes just a little less.

When we began making plantable products, we were the only company to do so. Our mission was to provide customers with popular products that were eco-friendly and could be used for a dual purpose. That mission is still true today as more people become concerned with the effects their lifestyles have on the planet.

Wedding Invitations with a Lasting Impression

Our favorite eco-friendly invitation idea is, of course, the plantable card. Our plantable invitations are made with seeds embedded in the paper. The paper and ink is biodegradable, so the recipient can simply stick the invitation in a hole, water it, and watch the flowers grow. This invitation is embedded with wildflower seeds:


If leaving less of a carbon footprint is important to you, using recycled or plantable invitations is the sure fire way to make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Recipients will be able to watch the flowers from your invitations bloom as a constant reminder of your love.

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